Decisions by the Numbers


Our all-encompassing accounting and reporting system enables us to offer a full range of accounting sales and management reports. Property managers and accountants work together to ensure shopping center owners have the necessary information to make timely and precise business decisions.


Waters Retail Group provides monthly financial reports and annual and semi-annual reports on its Centers, evaluating all aspects of the Center operations. An annual budget is provided to the owners for approval in December along with a memo on assumptions utilized and other salient features of the budget. Our reports include:

  • A review of prior results
  • Leasing and marketing updates
  • Summary on prior leasing history, occupancy, projected rollovers, and NOI history
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Tenant sales analysis
  • Center expansion/remodeling plans
  • Client financing and debt
  • Reserve funding
  • Fiscal year planning and budgeting

Lease Administration

Our experienced lease administration team works closely with our leasing and management teams to provide:

  • Lease abstraction
  • Possession, rent start and delivery notices
  • New lease and renewal setup
  • Estoppel, SNDA and tenant related requests
  • Lease tracking throughout tenant lifecycle
  • Insurance certificate management
  • Monetary and non-monetary default notices
  • Annual Common Area Maintenance, taxes, insurance, and utility reconciliations

To learn more about our detailed services, please contact us at 610.388.6600